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Business activities in Non Destructive Testing NDT

BW Plus NDT GmbH & Co. KG offers you a complete product portfolio when it comes to Non Destructive Testing.

:: Radiographic inspection(RT)

:: Penetrant testing(PT)

:: Hardness testing(HT)

:: Ultrasonic testing(UT)

:: Visual testing(VT)

:: Eddy current testing(ET)

:: Magnaflux testing(MT)

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is not talked about very often although its relevance is huge. The technique plays an important role in manufacturing, testing and maintenance of multiple constructions, products and materials.
The strict industrial requirements for high quality products cause the standards of precise quality controls and methods. The industrial X-ray testing offers a superb image quality to recognize even the smallest damages or deficiencies. Therefore this method has become a main component of quality control programs.
For example Non Destructive Testing is used when building or maintaining pipelines.
As a specialist dealer for NDT-products BW Plus NDT is enlarging its product portfolio continuously to serve the whole application spectrum. BW Plus NDT is one of the biggest suppliers of NDT-films, chemicals and accessories. Besides other products our portfolio contains: industrial X-ray films and chemicals (Agfa, Fuji), processing units including accessories, complete NDT accessories, inspection equipment for penetrant and magnaflux testing, comparison catalogues (ASTM/IIW), dosimeter and checking devices, IQIS (EN/ASME/ASTM and Afnor) and film viewing equipment.
NDT: Rarely mentioned but very present
(Abstract from 100 years X-rays, published by Agfa-Gevaert N.V.)
Non destructive testing is an activity which is almost never talked about. In fact this technique plays a crucial role in the manufacturing and maintenance of most constructions. This fact refers to airplanes, ships, drilling towers, bridges, power plants, petrochemical constructions, cars and oil- or gas pipelines. NDT is used everywhere to check metallic structures.
It is definitely essential to be able to check whether welding lines are absolutely safe. When it comes to Non Destructive Testing it is fundamental that an object or a structure can be tested in order to find possible discontinuities without destroying or deforming the structure permanently. Due to the fact that there is no damage done Non Destructive Testing is an ideal method during the production process and for maintenance. This is the main reason why it happens in so many areas. These areas are the building and maintaining of pipelines, airplanes, shipbuilding, power plants, aerospace, defence engineering, archaeology, art and many more.