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The enterprise BW Plus NDT

BW PLUS RÖNTGEN was founded in the year 1985 in Kamp-Lintfort and started as a typical commercial enterprise with four employees. In 1992, the business changed into a modern office building.

BW PLUS NDT was developed from a specialized department of its parent company BW PLUS RÖNTGEN and became an autonomous business in the year 2001 due to an intensive care and because of an extended demand on the part of our customers.

The modern high-rise warehouse stores approximately 10,000 different items, being permanently ready for despatch. Furthermore, a lot of delivery cars provide for a perfect delivery without any problem and without any bottlenecks in supply.

We care for customers in the business field "non-destructive material testing" NDT, like for example the service industries, manufacturers, large-scale industry, institutes or universities. In this field, sales services are being supported by the relevant technical departments.

Among others the following items form part of our range of supply. Industrial X-ray films, developers and chemicals, analogue and digital measuring devices, surface crack testers, ancillary equipment. Support, availability ex stock, immediate delivery service, first-in / first-out service, as well as quality assurance are some of the most important features.

With this, the customer will have at his disposal a large range of services, with tailor-made solutions, dealing with all aspects and being able to cope with all tasks and to meet all particular requirements of our customers. Fastness, efficiency and high-quality standards are those obvious qualities and features, which substantiate the reputation of BW PLUS NDT among the experts as a competent service-business.


All of our employees identify themselves to a great degree with the goals and strategies of the enterprise. An outstandingly long period of employment -as the result of an utmost solidarity with the business- is a significant indication for satisfaction, contentment with the job and motivation, as well. An exemplary combination of commitment and experience for the benefit and the advantage of our customers.