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Dear customer,

Due to the increasing globalization and the international economic interdependences BW Plus NDT GmbH & Co. KG as a commercial enterprise is facing higher requirements compared to past years.

Especially commercial enterprises have to deal with changing economic circumstances to keep their market position or even gain market share. Against this background usual planning instruments, growth strategies and organizational structures lose impact. This means that traditional paradigms and experiences can not be the only foundation for entrepreneurial decisions of the future.
The globalization calls for integrated visions and strategies which are supposed to be delivered by the management to secure the enduring competitive capability of commercial enterprises.

An important requirement for a successful management is gaining relevant information about the main factors of success promptly. Alongside a working logistic structure the development of a market-driven product portfolio is essential. The ideal supervision of the purchase and logistic departments requires the use of modern controlling instruments which also help to make internal structures more transparent.

A systematic analysis of all business processes in the course of the supply chain is the basis of a successful corporate management within the NDT-sector.
The following internet presentation shows you parts of our NDT-product portfolio and should help you in your daily business.

Enjoy our new BW Plus NDT internet presentation.